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Comments on standard of corrosion resistant gate valve with flange and butt welding connection

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A few days ago, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute and other drafting "flange and butt welding connection corrosion resistant gate valve" (Draft) standard for public comments.

The standard "flange and butt welding corrosion resistant gate valve" specifies the structural type, technical requirements, materials, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, storage and transportation of full bore corrosion resistant gate valves for process pipeline applications.

The standard is applicable to the gate valve with nominal pressure of pn16-pn100, nominal size of DN 15-dn600, valve cover connected with stud, external threaded bracket, lifting valve rod, non lifting hand wheel, wedge type or parallel type, single or double gate, metal surface of valve seat, flange or butt welding connection.

The standard explains the pressure temperature rating. The temperature pressure rating of this standard valve is consistent with the temperature pressure rating of corresponding materials in standard pressure level specified in GB / t12224.

The standard makes a detailed description of the valve manufacturing design, including the valve cover thickness, valve body size, valve cover size, connection mode between the valve cover and the valve body, gate plate, support, stem and stem nut, packing and stuffing box, stud, bolt connection, bypass and other auxiliary joints, materials, internals, etc.

It also gives a brief description of the inspection standard of the later period.

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